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High Visibility Coveralls

High Visibility Coveralls

Stay visible from shoulder to ankle by wearing these one-piece coveralls. They have full-length sleeves and legs. Styles that incorporate a hood provide additional coverage. Typically, they are worn over a full set of clothing, and have a front closure with a zipper, hook and loop, or other type of fastener.

ANSI Class 2

Consisting of more high-visibility material than Class 1 coveralls, these coveralls provide better definition of the human form and offer the minimum level of protection recommended for workers exposed to roadway rights-of-way and temporary traffic control (TTC) zones. They meet Class 2 requirements in ANSI standards for high-visibility clothing. Depending on the amount of high-visibility materials they contain, they are rated for use in either roadway (Type R) or public safety (Type P) environments. Jobs that call for Type R apparel include: roadway construction, parking and toll gate operation, crossing guards, towing operators, and airport baggage handlers and ground crew. Type P apparel is often used by law enforcement and emergency response personnel, firefighters, and accident site investigators.