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High Visibility Rain Suits

High Visibility Rain Suits

Stay visible and dry in wet or rainy environments by wearing with these high-visibility rain suits. They cover from the shoulders to the ankles and typically have a hood for additional coverage. These multiple-piece suits that allow you to use any or all of the pieces you need.

ANSI Class 3

Made with a greater amount of high-visibility material than Class 1 and 2 garments, these rain suits meet ANSI standards for Class 3 high-visibility clothing. They provide visibility in complex backgrounds and through a full range of body movement. Depending on the amount of high-visibility material they contain, they can be used in roadway (Type R) or public safety (Type P) environments. Those working in Type R environments include: roadway construction workers, parking and toll gate personnel, crossing guards, towing operators, and airport baggage handlers and ground crew. Type P apparel is typically worn by law enforcement and emergency response personnel, firefighters, and accident site investigators.

2-Piece Rainsuit with Hood


Rainsuit with Detachable Hood

Storm Stopper Rainsuit


Help make yourself visible in off-road applications by wearing these rain suits. They are for general use and do not meet any high-visibility standards.

2-Piece Rainsuit