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Impact-Resistant Work Gloves

Impact-Resistant Work Gloves

Reinforced in strategic sections of the hand and fingers, these work gloves (also called rigger's gloves) protect the back of the hands from impact. They're ideal for applications where you're working in tight areas, where tools may slip, or where there may be a sudden loss of tension when tightening or loosening a fastener, cover, or similar object.

High Dexterity

These lightweight fabric gloves provide the best dexterity of our impact-resistant gloves. They allow you to maintain a wide range of movement while still protecting the backs of your hands from light impacts. Good for applications such as automotive assembly, bottling, canning, handling pipes and sheet metal, and rigging.

High Visibility Coated Fabric

Heavy Impact

Capable of withstanding higher force than our other impact-resistant gloves, these heavy-duty gloves have protection panels or gel pockets on the knuckles, back of the hand, and backs of the fingers to protect these areas from heavy impact. Suitable for applications such as ranching, forestry, operating heavy equipment, construction, handling heavy cable and wire, rigging, and mining.


Mechanics with Added Grip

High Visibility Mechanics with Added Grip

Hammering Gloves

The thick rubber padding around the thumb and forefinger of these gloves protects those areas from errant hammer swings. Ideal for construction and framing applications, the gloves' palms are coated with latex, which provides enhanced grip but may cause allergic reactions.

Left Hand Reinforced for Right Handed Users

Right Hand Reinforced for Left Handed Users

Oil & Gas Resistant

These rugged mechanics-style gloves protect your hands from impact and won't degrade when exposed to oil, gas, or water. They are suitable for use in a range of oil and gas industry applications.

High-Visibility Mechanics