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Leak Diverters

Leak Diverters

Redirect liquid from ceiling and pipe leaks to drains and containers before it can damage expensive equipment or inventory. These diverters connect to a hose to channel liquid safely away without moving heavy equipment or clearing floor space.

General Purpose

Hang these products from a ceiling to catch leaks so they can be contained. To install, mount the leak diverter at each corner.

General Purpose Kits

Make sure you have the tools you need to take care of ceiling leaks with these convenient kits, which include a general purpose leak diverter, hose, and mounting hardware. To install, mount the diverter at each corner and attach the hose.

Umbrella Style

Slip the hook on these diverters onto a pipe or ceiling beam for a fast response to leaks. The diverters open like an umbrella for quick set up and work best for catching small leaks since they only have one point of attachment.

For Pipes

Catch leaks and condensate from pipes with these diverters, which strap onto the pipe for a secure hold.

For Drop Panel Ceilings

Install these diverters in drop-panel ceilings to catch leaks. They either replace or sit on top of an existing tile for a clean look.

Ceiling Tile


Drain Hoses

Attach a hose to a compatible leak diverter to channel water into a drain or collection container. These hoses can also be used to replace lost or damaged hoses.