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Lens & Eyewear Cleaning Supplies

Lens & Eyewear Cleaning Supplies

Clean eyewear without scratching or damaging lenses. Choose from products such as cleaning solution, moist or dry wipes, and lens cleaning stations.

Moist Wipes

No need for cleaning solution, these wipes are pre-moistened to remove dust and smudges from lenses without scratching. They apply just the right amount of cleaning solution so that lenses dry quickly.

Dry Wipes

Clear dust and smudges from lenses without scratching or damaging them by using these dry wipes. For extra cleaning power, they can also be used with lens cleaning solutions.

Cleaning Solution

Formulated to clear away dirt and greasy residues, these solutions clean lenses without scratching. Spray them directly onto eyewear, then use dry wipes for gentle, effective cleaning.

Lens Cleaning Stations

For one-stop access to wipes and solution, place or mount these stations where needed to keep eyewear clean. They are typically used in labs, machine shops, woodworking operations, and other settings where clean lenses are critical to the work.