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Lockout Hasps

Lockout Hasps

Control access to a locked out device or energy point that is being serviced by a team of workers using these lockout hasps. The hasp attaches to the lockout point, and all team members attach their padlocks to the hasp. The hasp can't be opened until all team members remove their locks, keeping the lockout point secure until everyone has finished working.

General Purpose

A good choice for a wide range of lockout tasks, these general purpose hasps are available in a variety of materials to suit your application.

Aluminum Material

Plastic Material

Steel Material


Help prevent injury from electrical shock by locking out machinery and equipment with these nonconductive nylon hasps. They are lighter than metal hasps, which helps reduce weight on the energy point.

Pry Resistant

Thwart tampering attempts by locking out equipment with these heavy-duty pry-resistant lockout hasps. They are well suited for locking out equipment in high-traffic areas.


Write important information such as names and dates in the labeling area on these hasps. When the job is complete, erase the information and the label is ready to be used in the next application.



Stainless Steel


Dual End

Featuring two jaws with different jaw diameters, these dual-end lockout hasps can be used on a wide range of equipment.