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Lockout Kits & Stations

Lockout Kits & Stations

Make sure you have the supplies you need for a range of lockout tasks and keep your lockout supplies organized and ready for use with these lockout kits and stations. Kits contain a range of supplies for securing lockout points, including tags, padlocks, and lockout devices. Lockout stations hold lockout supplies to keep them organized when not in use. They can be installed near lockout points to keep lockout supplies near where they're needed.

General Purpose Lockout Boards

Get easy access to lockout supplies with these uncovered lockout boards.

11 Pieces

18 Pieces

19 Pieces

26 Pieces

30 Pieces

34 Pieces

48 Pieces

52 Pieces

78 Pieces

Covered Lockout Boards

Keep your lockout supplies protected yet visible in these covered lockout boards. They have a transparent cover so you can see what's on the board.

14 Pieces

18 Pieces

36 Pieces

72 Pieces

Lockable Lockout Boards

Protect your lockout supplies and prevent tampering by storing them in these lockable lockout boards. The cover can be locked to prevent unauthorized access to lockout supplies.

25 Pieces

26 Pieces

30 Pieces

37 Pieces

42 Pieces

52 Pieces

57 Pieces

91 Pieces

94 Pieces

97 Pieces

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