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Manhole Lifters & Guardrails

Manhole Lifters & Guardrails

Remove heavy manhole covers with these lifters to gain access to sewer tunnels and other confined spaces, and install guardrails around open manholes to help prevent accidents.

Lifting Hooks

Slide these steel lifting hooks under the handle on a manhole cover to lift or lever the cover manually. Lifting hooks are lightweight and portable and can easily be carried when inspecting multiple locations.

Magnetic Lifters

One person can lift and remove heavy or stuck manhole covers and grates using these magnetic lifters. They have a strong magnet that picks up the cover and can lift more weight than lifting hooks.

Magnetic Lifter Accessories

Repair or improve your manhole cover lifters and adapt them for your task using these accessories.

Manhole Guardrails

Surround an open manhole with guardrails to restrict access and help prevent accidental falls into the open manhole.