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Revolving Lights

Revolving Lights

Alert personnel and bystanders to potential danger with these revolving lights. They have a rotating reflector that creates intermittent flashes without altering the amount of light that is illuminating the area and are ideal for noisy environments where audible alarms may not be heard. They can be mounted to vehicles or structural surfaces.

General Purpose

Alert workers to potential hazards using these general-purpose revolving lights, which are brighter than light-duty lights and have a longer bulb life.

40W Incandescent with Polycarbonate Lens

High Intensity

Brighter than light-duty and general-purpose lights, these revolving lights feature high-intensity light output so they can be seen in large or brightly lit areas. They have a longer bulb life than general-purpose or light-duty lights.

LED with Polycarbonate Lens

Light Duty

Economical light-duty lights are less bright and have a shorter bulb life than general-purpose lights.

25W Incandescent with Polycarbonate Lens

Vibration Resistant for Vehicles

Suitable for mounting on vehicles, these revolving lights can withstand vibrations typically encountered on moving equipment. They are powered by the vehicle's battery.

Halogen with Polycarbonate Lens