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Safety Cabinet Accessories

Safety Cabinet Accessories

Use these accessories and replacement parts to keep your safety cabinets in good working order, help ensure they're in compliance with safety standards, or modify them to suit your needs.


Add more shelves to your storage cabinets to maximize their storage space, or replace damaged shelves with new ones.

For Freestanding, Countertop, or Stackable Cabinets

For Undercounter Cabinets

For Vertical Drum Storage Cabinets

Shelf Trays & Liners

Capture spills and drips and protect shelf surfaces from hazardous or corrosive materials using these shelf trays and liners. They have sides to keep spilled materials contained.

Shelf Dividers

Separate and organize materials inside your safety cabinets using these dividers.

Self-Closing Door Kits

Upgrade manual-closing doors on your safety cabinets to self-closing doors using these kits. Self-closing doors automatically close to keep the cabinet's contents secure. The kits can help you meet local safety requirements for storing certain hazardous materials without having to purchase a new cabinet.

Wall Mounts

Attach small storage cabinets to a wall with these mounts so you can keep floors and counters clear. Wall mounts are not suitable for securing freestanding storage cabinets to a wall.

Seismic Brackets

Secure safety cabinets to a wall or floor with these seismic brackets to prevent the cabinets from tipping over in the event of an earthquake.

Vent Plugs

Seal safety cabinet vents with these plugs in applications where venting is not required.

Vapor Cartridges & Filters

These products absorb dangerous vapors and fumes as they're vented from your storage cabinets to help prevent built-up vapors and fumes that can cause combustion or harm the health of nearby workers.

Shelf Mounted Filter

Vent Hole Mounted Filter

Roller Conveyors

Slide drums and other heavy items into and out of storage cabinets for easier loading and unloading using these roller conveyors.

Ramps for 55 Gallon Drum Cabinets

Make it easier to move drums and other heavy items into and out of storage cabinets with these ramps. They let you roll a hand truck or dolly over the lip of a cabinet for quick loading and unloading.

Replacement Keys

Find new keys to replace lost or damaged keys for your locking safety cabinets.

Leveling Feet

Raise your cabinets off the floor with these feet, which install on the bottom of a safety cabinet and can be independently adjusted to level the cabinet for improved stability.

Cabinet Risers

Place these risers under empty safety cabinets to lift the cabinets off the ground so they so can be more easily lifted by a forklift or pallet jack.

Cabinet Tops

Install these slanted tops on your storage cabinet to prevent materials from being placed on top of the cabinet, which can create a safety hazard.