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Spikes & Traction Devices

Spikes & Traction Devices

Strap these detachable soles and spikes to boots and shoes to gain traction without the added bulk or weight of overshoes. They can be used for applications where you don't need additional coverage for the upper portion of footwear or where a special feature such as an anti-fatigue design is required.

Anti-Fatigue Soles

No need for anti-fatigue mats, these detachable soles are padded to provide cushioning and reduce impact and shock while spending long periods of time on your feet. They fit over closed-toe shoes and boots, flexing with the foot for freedom of movement. Also, they reduce wear and tear of the heels and soles of footwear.

Grit Traction

Slip-Resistant Soles

Attach these soles to shoes and boots for improved footing in wet, soapy, greasy, dusty, and other slippery environments. The soles grip onto surfaces to help you resist slips and falls.

Grit Traction

Rubber Traction

Static Dissipative

For electronics production and other static sensitive settings, these detachable soles dissipate static electricity that builds up on your body. Use them with other static dissipative footwear to maintain antistatic properties.

Stud Traction

Ice Traction

Spikes, studs, or springs on these detachable soles dig into snow and ice to help you maintain your footing.

Chain Traction

Coil Traction

Stud Traction

Replacement Studs

Find the replacement studs and straps to repair and maintain your detachable soles. Replacing worn or missing spikes and studs optimizes traction. New straps ensure that your soles hold securely to footwear.

Replacement Straps

Replace worn or broken straps to ensure that your detachable soles hold securely to footwear.