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Static Control Gloves

Static Control Gloves

Handle electronic devices and other static-sensitive components with care. These gloves protect against the creation of a static charge when handling a product.

The acceptable quality limit (AQL) indicates the manufacturer's anticipated defect rate for the product. A lower AQL value means fewer expected defects.

Disposable Gloves

Dispose of these gloves after one use to prevent cross-contamination. The textured surface enhances grip.

1 X 10^11 ohms Surface Resistivity

Repeated-Use Gloves

Get the most our of your purchase with gloves for repeated use. Some are available with a textured surface for enhanced grip.

1 X 10^4 ohms Surface Resistivity

1 X 10^5 ohms Surface Resistivity

1 X 10^6 ohms Surface Resistivity

1 X 10^6 ohms (Liner)/1 X 10 ^9 ohms (Coating) Surface Resistivity