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Tactical & Extrication Gloves

Tactical & Extrication Gloves

Similar to the gloves used by military and law enforcement personnel, these gloves are designed to withstand abrasion and other hazards while still providing good dexterity and touch sensitivity. Commonly used to protect hands from debris and injury in applications such as disaster response, rescue operations, waste removal, security, and construction.

General Purpose

Lightweight and flexible, these general-purpose tactical gloves provide excellent dexterity and touch sensitivity, allowing you to locate and handle small objects without removing the gloves.


Reinforced Palm

Also known as rappelling gloves, these gloves have an extra layer of material stitched onto the palm and thumb saddle for enhanced abrasion protection in these areas. They are especially useful when handling rope.


Cold Resistant

Put on these gloves to protect your hands when working outside in cold, wet conditions. They have a thermal lining and a waterproof and windproof middle layer that keep your hands warm, dry, and protected from the elements.


Cut Resistant

Wear these cut-resistant tactical gloves to protect your hands from sharp objects, such as broken metal or glass, without sacrificing dexterity.


Leather Drivers

Impact Resistant

These gloves are reinforced on the back of the hand to protect against impact. They're ideal for workers who need to reach into tight spaces where there may be hard surfaces that can bruise the back of the hand.


Full Knuckle Guard

Segmented Pads Full Knuckle Guard

Single Pad Full Knuckle Guard