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Traffic Cones

Traffic Cones

Guide vehicles around temporary road hazards or worksites using traffic cones. They take up less space than channelizer barrels or panels and can be stacked for compact storage.

Traffic Cones for Roadwork

Direct traffic away from work zones with these traffic cones, which are typically shorter than channelizer cones.

PVC Cone Material

Standard Profile

Standard Profile with Weighted Base

Standard Profile with Recessed Reflective Band

Slim Profile

Slim Profile with Weighted Base

Collapsible Traffic Cones

Save storage space with these collapsible traffic cones. Ideal for temporary emergencies.

Internal LED Light

External LED Light

Channelizer Cones

Channel traffic through temporary flow changes using these cones, which are taller and more slender than standard cones.

HDPE Cone Material

Base Not Included

General Purpose Traffic Cones

These basic traffic cones are suitable for everyday traffic control applications.

Polyethylene Cone Material

Traffic Cone Signs

Mount these signs on top of traffic cones to provide directions or warnings to drivers navigating a work zone, traffic diversion, or blocked-off area.

11 in W x 13 in H

Traffic Cone Barricades

Construct a durable barricade by connecting two traffic cones with these telescoping rods. The rods have hoops on each end that fit onto the top of the traffic cones, and the width of the rods can be adjusted to the desired length.

Weighted Bases for Cones

Keep traffic cones from tipping over or blowing away with these weighted bases.

Cone Holders & Carts

Make storing and transporting traffic cones less of a hassle with these cone holders and carts.

Vertical Stacking with Vertical Mount

Vertical Stacking with Horizontal Mount

Inverted Stacking with Vertical Mount

Wheeled Cart