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Water Rescue Equipment

Water Rescue Equipment

Throw bags, rescue vests, and other equipment can be used from a boat or safe location to draw drowning individuals out of the water.

Throw Bags

Also known as rope throw bags, these bags contain a rope for rescuing someone who's drowning or stranded in a body of water. Hold on to the rope and throw the bag into the water for the person to grab on to, and then use the rope to pull the person to safety. The brightly colored rope and bag float on water so they remain visible and easy to grab.

US Coast Guard Type IV

Ring Buoys

Throw a ring buoy to someone who's drowning or stranded in a body of water to help the person stay afloat while waiting for rescue. Attach a rescue rope to the buoy to pull the victim to safety. Also known as life rings, life savers, and life buoys.

US Coast Guard Type IV

Rescue Vests

Have rescue workers wear these vests to help protect them from drowning when performing rescue operations in rough waters. Pockets allow workers to carry equipment for the rescue operation, and attachment points and clips allow safety lines to be connected so workers can be pulled in, if necessary.

US Coast Guard Type III

General Purpose

With Mesh Shoulders for Comfort