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Welding Jackets

Welding Jackets

Wear these jackets to protect your upper body from welding splash and spatter. Some styles have long sleeves that cover the arms, while others are sleeveless to provide core coverage while allowing free movement of the arms. Choose from jackets and half jackets.


Also known as welding cape sleeves, these garments cover the arms, shoulders, and upper chest. Half jackets either include or can be used with a detachable bib that secures to the front of the jacket when you need additional coverage. They typically have an open back which makes them a suitable choice for warm worksites.

Welding Jackets

Women's Welding Jackets

Half Jackets

For all-around coverage of your torso, these jackets cover from the shoulders to about the waist. Most styles have a front opening with snap fasteners. They are commonly used in cooler environments.

Welding Half Jackets