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Backup Rings

Backup Rings

These supports help fill in gaps between loose-fitting components and hold O-rings in place to maintain an effective seal. Backup rings are harder than O-rings, providing reinforcement to extend the life of O-rings and preventing extrusion that can displace and erode rings in high-pressure installations. To maximize support, a backup ring should be used on each side of an O-ring.

Oil-Resistant Buna-N: Contoured for High Support

The curved face of these backup rings cradles an O-ring, providing contact along the entire diameter to maximize support.

Black — for -25 ° F to 250 ° F

116 in Width

14 in Width

18 in Width

Chemical-Resistant PTFE: Flat for Standard Support

These flat support rings are suited for standard installations.

White — for -100 ° F to 500 ° F