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Electromagnetic System Power Supplies

Electromagnetic System Power Supplies

Combine these power supplies with an electromagnetic lock and activation device to create an electromagnetic locking system. They help ensure the right type and amount of voltage powers your system.

Enclosed Power Supply Boards

Manage the power supply for your electromagnetic locks in one place with these enclosed power supply boards. They allow you to hardwire your electromagnetic system for a stable source of power, and contain the power supply in an enclosure to help prevent tampering. These power supplies can also be used for fire alarms, security systems, and other emergency systems.

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Power Supply Boards

Convert low input voltages into different DC output voltages depending on the needs of your system with these power supply boards.

Relay Modules

Turn your electromagnetic system on or off remotely, or amplify electrical current using these relay modules. They allow you to control the flow of electricity through your system, so you can easily engage or disengage an electromagnetic lock or other equipment.

Relay Module

Relay and Base Module

Ultra Sensitive Relay Module


Plug these power supplies into an electrical outlet to power your security system or other equipment.