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ID Badge Reels, Clips, & Lanyards

ID Badge Reels, Clips, & Lanyards

Attach these reels, clips, wrist coils, and lanyards to ID badge holder sleeves to provide a convenient and secure way for your employees to access their badges.

Belt Clip Reels

Clip these retractable ID badge reels to a belt loop or pocket to keep your badge secure and easy to access.

Standard Clip Attachment

Swivel Clip Attachment

Carabiner Reels

For quick and convenient access to your badge, these retractable carabiner-style ID badge reels easily clip on and off belt loops and backpacks while maintaining a secure hold.


Attach your ID badge holders onto a lapel, pocket, or other convenient and visible location with these clips. They can also hook together multiple ID or access badges, making them a good choice for employees who access different secure locations.


Quickly put on and remove an ID badge using these lanyards. They hang around your neck, and are often used for temporary identification, such as a building visitor or at a conference or event. They are also ideal for work environments where the uniform doesn't include pockets to attach a badge or outer clothing will be disposed of, such as healthcare facilities.

Standard Lanyards

Lanyards with Clip

Lanyards with Reel

Lanyards with Key Ring

Wrist Coils

When you need immediate badge access and convenient removal, carry your badge or access card on your wrist with these wrist coils.