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Key Reels

Key Reels

A good choice for keys that you need to access frequently, use these retractable reels to keep keys easily accessible while still attached to your clothing or a secure item.

Belt Clips

Clip these key reels to a belt loop or pocket for easy access.

With Rotating Clip

With Standard Clip

Belt Loops

Slide these retractable key reel holders over your belt loop to keep keys secure and easy to access.


Key Silencer

Protection Tab


For quick and convenient access to your keys, these carabiners attach securely to belt loops and backpacks and can be easily accessed and returned using the reel.

General Purpose

With Badge Holder

With Safety Knife

With Whistle

Bracket Mounts

Permanently mount this key reel to a wall, desk, or other surface for keys that need to be located quickly and used frequently.