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Blank Paper Tags

Blank Paper Tags

These tags are an economical way to label equipment in areas where moisture and abrasion aren't a concern. They can be written on with a marker or pen.

With Fiber-Reinforced Patch

A fiber patch reinforces the hole to minimize tears in the tag and keep ties secure.

With Brass Grommet

The brass grommet on these tags provides more reinforcement than a fiber patch for applications with high amounts of wear and tear.


These tags have a unique and sequential number printed on both the tag and its stub so you can keep track of items while keeping a matching record.

Metal Detectable

Even small traces of these tags can be sensed by metal detectors to help avoid contamination in food and pharmaceutical processes. Use them to identify ingredient bags, racks, and bins as well as to trace batches once they are distributed.

With Metal Rim

Tags with metal rims have added strength and rigidity around the tag to hold up in commercial and industrial applications.