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Steel Stamps

Steel Stamps

Create a permanent impression on hard materials such as metal or wood using steel stamps. Position your stamp and strike the top with a hammer or other object to punch the message on your workpiece. Choose from pre-written messages or create your own message.

Hand Cut

These stamps are hand-cut for better precision alignment than machine-made stamps, and are a good choice when stamping on a regular, but not constant, basis.

Heavy Duty

These durable, heavy duty steel stamps are ideal for industrial applications. They have a larger shank than machine-made and hand-cut stamps to extend life and deliver improved precision.

Low Stress Dot Design

The dot design on these low-stress stamps reduces the chance of metal fracturing that can occur when using a sharp, full character stamp. Use these stamps in industries where metal strength and integrity are vital, such as aircraft, oil supply, and nuclear power.

Low Stress Full Character

By rounding the sharp edges on these stamps, these low-stress stamps reduce the possibility of fracturing metals when creating impressions. They provide full character stamps for easy reading.

Machine Made

Best for infrequent use, these small steel stamps create good impressions in wood or metal in low-production environments.


Use reversed stamps on the back side of a workpiece to create a raised, embossed stamp. They are often used to mark plastic and rubber molds, thin metal, and forging dies.

Sets with Holder

Use these stamping sets when you need a combination of numbers, letters, and other characters. It includes a holder to improve stamp alignment.


These specialty steel stamps include symbols, locksmith messages, double digits, and other customized characters.

Double Digit Set

Symbol Set

Locksmith Stamp