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Valve Tag Fasteners

Valve Tag Fasteners

Secure valve tags to machinery and equipment with these fasteners.

Ball Chain

Also known as beaded chains, these lightweight ball chains come in pre-cut lengths or can be trimmed to the length you need. Use a coupling (sold separately) to secure ends.

Ball Chain Couplings

Join ball chain ends together to secure valve tags.

Jack Chain

Add or remove links in these lightweight jack chains to adjust the length.

S Hooks

Secure tags in a space with a small diameter using these S-shaped hooks.

Temporary Rings

Ideal for temporary tags, these rings open with a squeeze to secure tags.


Attach tags to valves with these ties, which help prevent tags from hanging loosely and can be removed easily.


For use in corrosive environments, affix valve tags using corrosion-resistant stainless steel wire. Just twist the wire with pliers to secure.

Wire Clamps

Get a more secure connection on your wire than twisting the ends with these clamps.