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Audio Cable & Cords

Audio Cable & Cords

Connect speakers, receivers, and other audio devices with this cable to transmit audio signals between the devices.

2.5mm Stereo TRS to RCA

Smaller than a 3.5mm TRS connection, use this cable to connect your personal audio device into an audio receiver.

2-RCA to 2-RCA

Use RCA cables to set up your audio equipment, such as connecting CD players to a receiver.

3.5mm Stereo TRS to 2-RCA

Plug your personal audio device into an amplifier, mixing console, or other compatible audio devices with these connectors.

3.5mm Stereo TRS to 3.5mm Stereo TRS

Connect compatible audio devices to home entertainment systems or other audio equipment with these cables.

3.5mm Stereo Audio Cable

3.5mm Stereo Extension Cable


Often used with professional audio gear, XLR cables connect microphones and other music equipment to mixing consoles and other compatible equipment.