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Audio-Video Cable & Cords

Audio-Video Cable & Cords

Use audio-video cable to transmit signals to display devices such as computer monitors, flat-panel displays, and projectors.


Connect your computer or laptop to a display monitor with video-only VGA cables.

VGA to 3-RCA Component

VGA to M1-D(P&D) with USB


VGA with 3.5mm Stereo Audio


Versatile HDMI cable can transmit multichannel audio and high-definition video signals to televisions, projectors, video monitors, and other output devices. The cable is insulated and shielded to protect against electromagnetic interference and maintain the integrity of the signal.




Connect your computer or projector to a monitor, television, or other display device with this video-only cable.

DVI-D Dual-Link to DVI-D Dual Link

DVI-A to 3-RCA Component

DVI-D Dual-Link Extension

Standard & Mini Display Port

Transmit high-definition video and audio from your computer to a display device. Choose standard or mini display port depending on your device's connections.

DisplayPort to Mini DisplayPort

Mini DisplayPort to Mini DisplayPort

DisplayPort to DVI-D Single Link

Mini DisplayPort to DVI-D Single Link


Display video from your DVD player or a computer on your television using an S-video cable. S-video transmits color and brightness as two separate analog signals, which can offer better image quality than composite video signals. Video only.

S-Video with 3.5mm Stereo Audio to 3-RCA

S-Video with RCA Stereo Audio


Use RCA cables to connect stereos to speakers or a video camera to your television. RCA cables transmit analog audio and video signal through three connectors, two for audio and one for video.

RCA Audio and Composite Video

RCA Video Composite

S-Video with 3.5mm Stereo Audio to 3-RCA

RCA to RCA Video Cable