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Computer Cables & Cords

Computer Cables & Cords

Send data between computers and peripheral devices with this cable. Choose a cable with the style of connector that matches the equipment you are connecting.

USB Cable & Cords

One of the most popular styles of computer cable, USB cable can be used to connect external devices such as cameras, printers, and hard drives to a computer so that data can be transferred between the computer and the device.

USB A Male to USB A

USB A Male to USB B

USB A Male to USB B Micro

USB A Male to USB B Mini

SATA & eSATA Cables

Transfer data between computers and data storage devices such as hard drives, optical drives, and solid-state drives with SATA cable.

SAS Cables

Commonly used in data centers to transfer large amounts of data quickly, use SAS cables to link computers to storage devices such as tape drives and hard drives.