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Phone Headsets & Accessories

Phone Headsets & Accessories

Wear a phone headset to free up your hands while you're talking on the phone. Also, improve the performance or comfort of your headset with accessories such as adapters, amplifiers, voice tubes, or ear cushions.

Headset Voice Tubes

Connect a voice tube to your headset microphone and position it close to your mouth to help carry your voice to the microphone and transmit it more clearly.

Headset Adapters

Expand the range of devices that you can plug your headset into with these adapters.

Headset Ear Cushions

Slip cushions onto the ear pieces of your headsets to make them more comfortable to wear or to replace worn-out cushions.

Headset Amplifiers

Connect a headset amplifier in between your phone and your headset to keep phone conversations at a consistent volume and improve clarity and sound quality.