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Brazing Torches

Brazing Torches

Use brazing torches for small batch work, repairs, and in tight spots where welds can't be made. They produce a flame for joining metals, shrinking tubing, thawing frozen materials, and other brazing applications.

Brazing is a process of heating two adjacent workpieces and applying filler material to the space between them to create a strong joint. It does not melt the workpiece like welding, and it uses higher temperatures and creates a stronger joint than soldering. Brazing can be used to join workpieces made of the same or different materials.

General Purpose: Connect-to-Cylinder

Attach these torches to a gas cylinder for general purpose brazing. For best results, keep the torch moving for thorough and even heating.

Sievert Lite




Worthington Bernzomatic

Extended Reach: Connect-to-Cylinder with Long Torch Head

Also known as weed burners, these extra-long torches get into hard-to-reach areas and are ideal for clearing weeds, melting ice and snow from walkways and driveways, and other outdoor jobs. They help you work more efficiently and comfortably by extending your reach so you don't have to crouch down. Connect them to a gas cylinder, and they'll provide a controlled grip for directing the flame where it's needed.

Lincoln Electric

Worthington Bernzomatic

Hands-Free: Integrated Refillable Cylinder Base

Work precisely with these small torches, which can be held in the hand or placed on a flat surface to free your hands for handling workpieces as you move them in front of the flame. They have a built-in refillable cylinder that provides a stable base for the torch head. Also known as micro torches, they are used for a range of tasks such as electronics repair and assembly, lab applications, hot-knife cutting, and paint stripping.

Gamut Approved

Master Appliance Microtorch




Replace an existing torch head or get started using brazing torches with these convenient kits.

ESAB TurboTorch


Miller Little Torch

Miller Quickbraze

Sievert Easyjet


Uniweld Twister

Uniweld Unitorch


Worthington Bernzomatic