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Desoldering Braids

Desoldering Braids

Cleanly remove small amounts of solder from a joint so it can be repaired, reconfigured, or resoldered using these rolls of braided wire, also known as desoldering wicks. Just place the end of the braided wire over the soldered connection and heat the solder with a soldering iron, and the braided wire will wick away the molten solder. The used portion of the braided wire is then cut off to prepare it for the next use.


These standard desoldering braids are suitable for removing solder from electrical components.


Eliminate the need for cleaning after desoldering with these braids. They contain a synthetic flux that does not leave a residue on the workpiece.

High Production

Choose these braids for high-volume desoldering tasks. Designed to transfer the solder heat to the wicking braid quickly, these braids soak up solder quickly and have a higher soak-up capacity compared to other braids.