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Desoldering Iron Tips

Desoldering Iron Tips

Connect these tips to a desoldering iron to improve precision when desoldering joints. The tips come in different styles and can be swapped out to suit the application.

Round Tip

Tackle a variety of desoldering tasks with these nozzles, which have a round tip.

Hakko 470

Hakko 808

Round Tip with Cartridge

These nozzles have a round tip and are connected to a cartridge that inserts into a compatible desoldering iron.

Hakko N3

Long Reach Round Tip

Get more reach with these long desoldering nozzles. They have a round tip.

Hakko 808

Insulated Flat Tip

The broad, flat tip on these nozzles is suitable for desoldering through-holes, wires, and other wide areas. The nozzles are insulated to help deliver heat efficiently.

Hakko 808