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Gas Welding & Heating Torches

Gas Welding & Heating Torches

Also called oxy-fuel or oxyacetylene torches, these handheld torches produce a flame for heating and welding metals. They have hose connections for oxygen and fuel gases such as acetylene or propane, and the torch's controls allow the operator to adjust the flow of oxygen and fuel gas to suit the application.

Light Duty

Use these lightweight and easy-to-maneuver torches for small or infrequent welding jobs on thin materials.


Uniweld Cap'n Hook

Uniweld Mastar

Medium Duty

Take care of most welding jobs with these medium duty torches.

ESAB TurboTorch

LP-1 Series

STK-9 Series

TX500 ProPak Series

ESAB Victor

Performer Series

Lincoln Electric Harris

Pipeliner Series

Port-A-Torch Series

Steelworker Series


Tag-A-Long Series

Toughcut Series

Miller Smith

Miller Versa-Torch



All-Trades Series

Uniweld Ameriflame

Uniweld The Wurks

Heavy Duty

Tackle frequent or demanding welding tasks on thick materials with these durable torches, which accommodate large tips and high gas flows.

ESAB Victor

Contender Series

Journeyman 450 Series

Journeyman Series


Miller Smith

40 Series