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Gas Welding Rods

Gas Welding Rods

Use these rods in gas welding applications to provide the filler metal for making a strong joint. Once the base material has been heated with the welding torch, the rod is dipped into the molten puddle, and it melts and fuses with the base material to form the weld.

R45: General Purpose

Weld mild steel with these general purpose R45 rods. They produce machinable welds that can be easily worked with cutting tools and are commonly used for automotive repair and ornamental metalwork.

Copper-Coated Carbon Steel Rod

R60: High Strength

Form strong welds on carbon and low alloy steel with R60 rods. They create ductile welds that resist breaking under stress and can be heat treated to improve surface hardness. Good for welding carbon steel pipe in critical service applications such as power plants and process piping.

Copper-Coated Carbon Steel Rod