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Pipe Welding & Cutting Guides

Pipe Welding & Cutting Guides

Use these guides to improve accuracy and efficiency when cutting or welding pipes. They guide your torch or leave marks on the pipe for the torch to follow.

For Wrap-Around Angles

Accurately cut pipe at a range of angles or create a saddle cut with these guides. Simply place the guide where you want to make the cut, and use the stencil to trace guide lines at the desired angle.

For Circles

Mounted to welding or cutting torches, these guides help you cut or weld circles. Like compasses, they guide the torch in a circular path.

For Straight Lines

Use these guides like a straight edge to ensure your cutting or welding torch moves in a straight line.


Featuring an assortment of pipe cutting guides, these kits equip you to make a variety of cuts or welds.