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Plasma Cutters

Plasma Cutters

Make precise cuts or gouges in any metal that conducts electricity using these plasma cutters. They create minimal slag and can cut or gouge thin metals with minimal distortion. A plasma cutting torch is connected to the cutter to deliver a focused jet of ionized compressed air, or plasma, that melts and cuts the workpiece.

The machine's duty cycle rating states how long the machine can operate continuously at peak current before requiring time to cool down, given as a percentage of a 10-minute cycle. For example, a machine with a 30% duty rating can operate continuously at peak current for 3 minutes in a 10-minute cycle before needing to cool down.

General Purpose

Plug these general purpose cutters into a compatible electrical outlet to take care of everyday plasma cutting tasks.

ESAB Thermal Dynamics

Cutmaster 82 Series

Lincoln Electric

20 Series

Lincoln Electric Tomahawk

1000 Series

625 Series

Miller Spectrum

375 X-TREME Series

High Versatility

These cutters give you the option of plugging into a compatible engine-driven welder to provide power at remote jobsites.

ESAB Thermal Dynamics

AirCut Series

Cutmaster 42 Series

Hobart Airforce

27i Series

40i Series

Lincoln Electric Tomahawk

375 Series

Miller AirForce

12CI Series

Miller Spectrum

625 Series

625 X-TREME Series

875 Auto-Line Series

875 Series