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Soldering Flux Dispensers

Soldering Flux Dispensers

These dispensers improve control and reduce mess when applying flux in soldering applications.

Bottles: General Purpose

Manually dispense flux with either a squeeze or a spray from these bottles.

Pen Tip

Needle Tip

Syringes: High Precision

Press the plunger on these syringes to dispense flux. They have a fine tip that helps ensure the flux is dispensed exactly where you want it to be.

Dispensing Shot Meters: For Heavy Production

Dispense a precise amount of flux each time with these air-powered syringe-shaped dispensers. Ideal for high-volume soldering tasks, they use compressed air to move a shot of flux through the needle tip and onto the workpiece.

Air Lines for Dispensing Shot Meters

Connect your air-powered flux-dispensing shot meter to a syringe needle tip with these air lines.

Needles for Dispensing Shot Meters

Replace the worn or missing needle tip of your dispensing shot meter to maintain optimal performance.

Stainless Steel