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Stud Welder Chucks, Grips, & Pins

Stud Welder Chucks, Grips, & Pins

Use these chucks and grips to keep a tight hold on metal studs, nails, and other fasteners that are being fused to a metal workpiece using a stud welder.


Install a chuck on your welding gun to securely hold studs in the welding gun and transfer current to the studs during the welding process. The chuck's diameter should match the stud's diameter, and chucks must be replaced when they're worn out.

Flat-Head Chuck

Tapered-Head Chuck

Ferrule Grips

Also called ferrule holders, ferrule grips hold ceramic ferrules in place in the welding gun during the stud welding process. Choose a grip based on the neck diameter of the ferrule.

Adjustable Stud Stop Pins

These stud stop pins keep fasteners from going too far through material in stud welding applications. Also referred to as stops, they can be adjusted to accommodate a range of stud diameters and are installed in the chuck of a stud welding gun.