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TIG Welding Remote Controls

TIG Welding Remote Controls

Get more control during welding tasks and help prevent damage to sensitive workpieces with these remote controls, which let you start, stop, or adjust the current flowing to your tungsten inert gas (TIG) welding gun.

Foot Pedal Controls

Connect a foot pedal to your TIG welder to control the current and gas flow without using your hands. Step on the pedal to start the gas and increase amperage, and release the pedal to shut off the gas and start the afterflow cycle.

Finger Controls

Mount these finger controls to a TIG welding torch so you can quickly adjust the current flowing to your torch with a press of a button or a small movement of your finger. They help improve productivity in production applications.

Wireless Hand Controls

With no cords to tangle or trip over, wireless hand controls help improve safety and productivity in the workplace.