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Welding Cable Accessories

Welding Cable Accessories

Organize and maintain your welding cables with covers, reels, and other accessories.


Use these connectors to increase the length of the welding cable when it needs to be frequently changed on the job site. The connectors attach to a compatible socket or connector and lock in place with a quarter turn, allowing you to quickly connect or disconnect the cables from the welding machine. They are covered with a rubber boot that insulates the connector and helps prevent accidental electrical shock.

Welding Cable Connector

Welding Cable Connector Kit

Terminal Lugs

Installed on welding leads, lugs provide an attachment point for connecting leads to ground clamps and the welder. Attaching lugs securely to leads ensures efficient electricity conducting and prevents strain from movement of the leads.

Ball-Point Terminal Lug

Ball-Point Terminal Lug with Insulated Cover


Store welding cables on these reels to keep them neatly contained, tangle free, and ready for use.

Hand-Driven Cable Reel

Spring Return-Driven Cable Reel


Slip covers over your welding cables when not in use to keep them free from dirt and contaminants and protect them from spatter, dross, sparks, and molten metal.

Torch Cable Cover