Ansell Dura-Touch Disposable Glove: Vinyl, XL Size, 5 mil Glove Material Thickness, 9 in Glove Length, Smooth, Blue, 100 PK

Item # 643K586

$8.56 Pack of 100
Size: XL

Product Specs

Glove Material: Vinyl
Glove Material Thickness: 5 mil
Glove Length: 9 in
Surface Finish: Smooth
Color: Blue
Powder Type: Powder Free
Size: XL
ANSI Compliant: Yes
Cuff Style: Beaded
Hand: Ambidextrous
Metal Detectable: No
CE Compliant: No
EN 420 Compliant: No

Compliance and Restrictions

Country Of Origin

  • China

About This Product

These Ansell Dura-Touch Disposable Gloves have a Vinyl glove material, which is an economical option when you need a disposable, light-duty glove that's inelastic for a loose fit. They're size XL and have a 5 mil glove material thickness. They have a 9 in glove length. They have a smooth surface finish, which is untextured, so it won't retain most debris. They are blue in color. They are powder free, which won't leave powder residue on your hands or in your workspace, which can cause contamination in food service and critical applications. Pack of 100.

About Disposable Gloves

Keep hands clean and protected from contaminants with these single-use disposable gloves. They also create a barrier between your hands and objects you are handling to keep oils and dirt from your hands from transferring to the objects. Throw the gloves away after each task to prevent cross contamination. Thinner gloves offer higher dexterity and better touch sensitivity, but thicker offer more protection for hands.

Protect against food contamination and maintain safety standards in food-processing applications with these gloves. They are made from FDA-accepted materials listed in 21 CFR and comply with FDA regulations for food contact.