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Banded V-Belt: B Belt, 4 Ribs, 4/B136 Industry, 139 3/4 in Outside Lg, 5.40625 in Min Pulley Dia, 2 11/16 in Top Wd

Item # 152Z079

$172.90 Each

Product Specs

Belt Style: B
Number of Ribs: 4
Industry Number: 4/B136
Outside Length: 139 3⁄4 in
Minimum Pulley Diameter: 5.40625 in
Top Width (W): 2 11⁄16 in
Height (H): 17⁄32 in
Application: Medium and High HP Industrial
Color: Black
Construction: Reinforced Tie Band
Cord Material: Polyester
Features: Flexibility; Stability; Durable Transverse Tie Band Backing
For Pulley Type: A/B Combo - B
For Use With: Multiple V-Belt Drives; Single V-Belt Drives
Material: Fabric (Cover/Backing); Polyester (Tensile Cords); Rubber (Body)
Maximum Operating Temperature: 194 ° F
Measurement System: Inch
Minimum Operating Temperature: -22 ° F
Resistance Properties: Static Conductive; Heat Resistant; Oil Resistant
Specifications Met: ARPM IP-20

Compliance and Restrictions

Country Of Origin

  • Indonesia

About This Product

This Banded V-Belt has a B belt style and 4 ribs. It also has a 4/B136 Industry Number. It has a 139 3/4 in outside length and is used with a 5.40625 in minimum pulley diameter. It has a 2 11/16 in top width (W) and a 17/32 in height (H). Sold individually.

About Banded V-Belts

Sometimes called multi-groove belts, banded V-belts are recommended for applications where speed fluctuations, misalignment, shock, and vibration might cause single belts to whip, turn over, or fall off the pulley. They consist of two or more single V-belts held together with a reinforced backing that distributes the stress evenly across the belts and prevents the belt from turning over in the pulley. Banded V-belts can be used in wide belt drives that are designed for multiple single belts and are better suited than single V-belts for applications with stacked loads. When replacing a belt on a pulley, make sure the style (or series) and width of the belt match the pulley.

These classic banded V-belts are used in a wide range of industrial and commercial power transmission applications. They are a good choice for applications with unusual or demanding conditions, such as reverse-bending and twisted drive systems.