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Box Wrench Set: Imperial, Ratcheting, 5 Pieces

Item # 193A230

$23.62 Each

Product Specs

Number of Ends: Double End
Measurement System: Imperial
Set Type: Ratcheting
Smallest Wrench Size: 1⁄4 in
Largest Wrench Size: 7⁄8 in
Finish/Coating: Chrome
Material: Alloy Steel
Offset Angle: 0 °
Tether Capable: No
Wrench Size: 1/4 in; 5/16 in; 3/8 in; 7/16 in; 1/2 in; 9/16 in; 5/8 in; 11/16 in; 3/4 in; 7/8 in
Number of Pieces in Set: 5
Corrosion-Resistant: No
ESD-Safe: Not Rated
Handle Shape: Straight
Handle Type: Flat
Head Type: Fixed Head
Insulated: No
Non-Sparking: No
Number of Points: 6; 12
Overall Length Range: 116mm to 238mm
Ratcheting: Yes
Reversible: Yes
Reversing Method: Standard Reverse
Wrenches Included: 1/2 in x 9/16 in; 1/4 in x 5/16 in; 3/4 in x 7/8 in; 3/8 in x 7/16 in; 5/8 in x 11/16 in

Compliance and Restrictions

WARNING Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

Country Of Origin

  • Taiwan, Republic of China

About Box Wrenches

Also known as box-end wrenches or ring spanners, these tools have a ring-shaped jaw at one or both ends that grips all the faces of a fastener as it's turned, providing more leverage than an open-end wrench and reducing the risk of the tool slipping off and damaging the fastener. Each jaw on a box wrench is designed to fit a specific size of nut or bolt.

The inside walls of the wrench head may have 6, 8, or 12 points. 8-point wrenches are for use with square fasteners, and 6- and 12-point wrenches are for use with hexagonal fasteners. 6-point wrenches provide good grip for loosening stuck or stubborn fasteners and are less likely to damage the fastener when turning it than 8 or 12-point wrenches. 8- and 12-point wrenches are easier to position and require less movement to turn a fastener than 6-point wrenches, which is useful when working in tight spaces.

Make sure you have the right wrench for the job with these box wrench sets. Sets contain multiple wrenches in a range of sizes.