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Bussmann ATC Automotive Fuse: 20 A Current Rating, 32V DC, 1kA at 32V DC Interrupt Rating, Fast Acting, 5 PK

Item # 699A636

$5.05 Pack of 5

Product Specs

Voltage: 32V DC
Interrupt Rating: 1kA at 32V DC
Fuse Speed: Fast Acting
Current Rating: 20 A
Color Code: Yellow
Overall Length: 3⁄4 in
Voltage (filter): 32V DC
Functionally Equal To: Littelfuse ATO; Littelfuse 257; Mersen/Ferraz Shawmut AF; Bussmann ATC
Body Style: Blade
Application: Automotive and Low Voltage Control Circuits
Blown Fuse Indicator: Nonindicating
Body Material: Plastic
Element: Single
Features: Standard Color Coding for Quick Identification of Amp Rating; Corrosion Resistance
Functionally Equal To Series: ATC; AF; 257; ATO
Fuse Package Type: Nonrejection
Maximum Operating Temperature: 100 ° C
Minimum Operating Temperature: -40 ° C
RoHS Compliant: Yes
Specifications Met: UL JFHR2; UL E56412
Terminal Material: Tin-Plated Zinc

Compliance and Restrictions

Country Of Origin

  • Japan

About This Product

These Bussmann ATC Automotive Fuses have a 20 amp current rating and a voltage of 32V DC. They also have a 1kA at 32V DC interrupt rating and a fast acting fuse speed. They have a yellow color code. They have a 3/4 in overall length. Pack of 5.

About Automotive Fuses

These low-voltage DC fuses protect wiring and electrical parts inside motor vehicles from overcurrents.

The current rating or interrupt rating of your replacement fuse, which is the maximum current a fuse can safely block in case of a power surge or short circuit, should match or exceed that of the existing fuse.

Standard blade fuses are also called regular blade, ATC, or ATO fuses. They are fast acting to stop the current quickly in case of an overage. Indicating fuses feature an LED light that comes on once the fuse has opened.