Cast Bronze Union: Sweat, Female, 2 Port 1 Pipe Size, 2 Port 2 Pipe Size, 291 psi Max Op Pressure

Item # 442U399

$92.77 Each

Product Specs

Material: Bronze
Material Grade: C87850
Type: Union
Port 1 Pipe Size: 2
Port 1 Gender: Female
Port 1 Type: Sweat
Port 1 OD: 2 1⁄8 in
Port 2 Pipe Size: 2
Port 2 Gender: Female
Port 2 Type: Sweat
Maximum Operating Pressure: 291 psi
Minimum Operating Temperature: -20 ° F
Maximum Operating Temperature: 200 ° F
For Substance Type: Water
Resistance Properties: Dezincification-resistant
Specifications Met: ASME B16.18; NSF/ANSI 372; NSF/ANSI 61; ASTM B584

About Low-Lead Cast Bronze Pipe Fittings

Low-lead cast bronze pipe fittings are certified for use in potable (drinking) water systems. Use them to join pipes in systems where you want the same resistance to saltwater and corrosion as standard bronze pipe fittings, but need lower lead levels. They're a good choice to carry air and water in marine, plumbing, and irrigation systems.

Unscrew the hex-shaped nut on these union fittings with a standard wrench to install, remove, clean, or maintain pipe sections with less disruption to your system than threaded fittings that require full pipe rotation to remove.