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Concrete Jointer for Smoothing Mortar: Joint Smoother, 1/4 in_3/8 in Blade Wd, 10 in Blade Lg, Steel

Item # 362W408

$11.35 Each

Product Specs

Blade Width: 3⁄8 in; 1⁄4 in
Blade Length: 10 in
Blade Material: Steel
Type: Joint Smoother
Finger Guard: No
Flexible: Yes
Handle Material: Steel
Overall Weight: 1⁄2 lb

Compliance and Restrictions

Country Of Origin

  • USA

About Jointers

When your mortar is starting to set, use these jointers to smooth, compress, and shape the mortar in the joint to help prevent water from seeping into the joint after it's dried and to create a finished look. These small S-shaped tools have two heads, and one head is pressed against the mortar to finish the joint. The heads may have a flat profile for creating a flat, smooth surface on the joint, or a curved profile for creating a U-shaped groove in the joint. The shape of the tool provides good control over the angle and force when compressing the mortar.

Use these jointers to smooth and compress mortar into joints as it's starting to set. They have two flat heads and will not leave an indentation in the mortar.

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