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Concrete Push Float: 48 in Blade Lg, 8 in Blade Wd, Magnesium, Squared

Item # 587Z356

$119.60 Each

Product Specs

Type: Concrete Push Float
Blade Length: 48 in
Blade Width: 8 in
Blade Material: Magnesium
End Type: Squared
Included Handle: No
Blade Thickness: 3⁄4 in

Compliance and Restrictions

Country Of Origin

  • USA

About Floats

Eliminate surface irregularities on a wet concrete surface or apply and smooth grout when tiling a wall or floor with these floats and darbies. These tools have a flat, rectangular face with one or more handles on the back and a layer of material, such as wood, rubber, plastic, foam, or magnesium, on the front for use in specific applications.

Larger than a hand float or darby, bull floats are typically glided along the surface of a wet concrete slab after it has been screeded to push larger aggregate down into the concrete and allow smoother concrete paste to rise to the surface. Bull floats have a long, detachable handle that provides more reach than a hand float and allows the operator to use the tool while standing.