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Deburring Wheel Brush: Knotted - Std Twist, Shank, Steel, 3 1/4 in Brush Dia, 1/4 in Shank Dia, 0.0118 in Bristle Dia

Item # 953R666

$29.61 Each

Product Specs

Attachment: Shank
Bristle Material: Steel
Bristle Type: Knotted - Standard Twist
Brush Diameter: 3 1⁄4 in
Shank Diameter: 1⁄4 in
Bristle Diameter: 0.0118 in
Bristle Length: 5⁄8 in
Face Width: 3⁄8 in
Maximum RPM: 25,000 RPM
Pack Qty: 1
Abrading Application: Weld Preparation; Cleaning; Deburring
For Tool Type: Right Angle Air Die Grinders; Power Drills; Die Grinders
Material Application: Paint
Material Category Application: Paint
Pack Unit: EA

Compliance and Restrictions

Country Of Origin

  • USA

About This Product

This Deburring Wheel Brush has a knotted - standard twist bristle type, which is twisted most of its length for general heavy-duty applications. It has a shank attachment, which is attached to the center of the brush for use with drills and die grinders. It has bristles constructed of steel, which offers high material removal rates, making it ideal for general purpose applications on a variety of materials. It has a 3 1/4 in brush diameter and a 1/4 in shank diameter. It has a 0.0118 in bristle diameter and a 5/8 in bristle length. Sold individually.

About Wheel Brushes

Connect a wheel brush to your powered tool to clean and debur workpieces, edges, and openings. The bristles of wheel brushes are more rigid than radial brushes but still have flexibility to get around edges and corners, making them suitable for weld cleaning, weld prep, and pipe deburring. Those with copper centers have added density for high-speed blending and deburring.

The rigid knotted wire on these wheel brushes is ideal for heavy duty applications like heavy deburring, weld prep, and weld cleanup.