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Fish Tape for Straight Runs: Steel, Flat, 125 ft Overall Lg, 1/8 in Tape Wd, 1/16 in Tape Thickness, Red

Item # 587A618

$47.11 Each

Product Specs

Tape Material: Steel
Tape Shape: Flat
Overall Length: 125 ft
Tape Width: 1⁄8 in
Tape Thickness: 1⁄16 in
Color: Red
Non-Conductive: No
Graduation Marks: No
Application: Wire Install
Body Color: Red
Body Finish/Coating: Painted Body
Body Material: Plastic
Body Type: Winder Case
ESD-Safe: Yes
Features: Ergonomic Handle; Comfort Formed Grip; Corrosion-Resistant
Graduation Scale: 1⁄4 in
Specifications Met: BS 328-4 1990

Compliance and Restrictions

Country Of Origin

  • Taiwan, Republic of China

About Manual Fish Tape

Run electrical, data, audio, video, and telecommunication cables and wires through conduit, behind walls, above ceilings, or below floors using fish tape, also known as an electrician's snake. The fish tape is guided through the area where the cable or wire will be run. Then the cable or wire is attached to the fish tape, and the tape is pulled through along with the cable or wire. The tape comes on a reel for neat, compact storage when not in use.

Made from stiff, strong materials with little flexibility, this fish tape can be pushed or pulled through long, straight runs of conduit with minimal risk of jamming.