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Flexible Pipe Tee: 3 Pipe Size (Run 1), 3 Branch Pipe Size, 3 Pipe Size (Run 2), 4.3 psi Max Op Pressure, PVC Elastomer

Item # 189R968

$26.79 Each

Product Specs

Type: Tee
Application: Connecting Drain, Waste and Vent Pipe
Maximum Operating Pressure: 4.3 psi
Maximum Operating Temperature: 140 ° F
Body Material: PVC Elastomer
Band Material: 300 Stainless Steel
Specifications Met: ASTM D5926
Pipe Size: 3
Branch Gender: Female
Branch Pipe Size: 3
Color: Black
Elbow Angle: 90 °
For Substance Type: Water
Minimum Operating Temperature: -30 ° F
Overall Length: 10 in
Pipe Size (Run 1): 3
Pipe Size (Run 2): 3
Resistance Properties: Normal Sewer Gases-Resistant; Fungus-Resistant; Ultraviolet Rays-Resistant; Chemical-Resistant
Run 1 Gender: Female
Run 2 Gender: Female

Compliance and Restrictions

Country Of Origin

  • USA

About Flexible Pipe Fittings

Quickly connect sections of rigid pipe and dampen vibration and noise in your piping system with these flexible fittings. Made from PVC, they resist damage from chemicals, sunlight, fungus, and sewer gases and can be used on indoor, outdoor, and underground pipes. They are recommended for low-pressure applications such as sewer, drain, waste, and vent lines.

Combine, divide, or change the flow of materials through pipes with the same diameter using these equal tee fittings.