Floor Sweeping Compound


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Product Specs

Package Size: 100 lb
Package Type: Drum
Color: Red
Base Material: Oil
Contains Grit: No
Application: Wood; Tile; Terrazzo; Concrete; Used in Stores, Warehouses, Institutions, Churches, Restaurants, Factories, Schools, Homes; Painted or Sealed Wood
Biodegradable: No; Yes
Concentration: Ready to Use
Features: Collecting Dirt and Dust; Absorbs Liquid Spills; Collects Dirt and Dust; Brightly Colored Formula for Maximum Visibility
Product Form: Granular
Scent: Paraffinic; Wood
Specifications Met: NFPA; EPA SARA 311/312; TSCA; HMIS
Type: Sweeping Compound
VOC Compliant: Yes
VOC Content Weight: 0 g/L
VOC Content Weight Percentage: 0 %
pH Type: Neutral

About Floor Sweeping Compounds

Spread these sweeping compounds onto floors to allow thorough sweeping of fine particles and debris. They help keep dust and dirt from being kicked into the air during sweeping.

These oil-based floor sweeping compounds are heavier than petroleum-free sweeping compounds, so they're good for very dusty areas, such as construction sites, warehouses, and garages. They contain oil-soaked wood fibers, which attract and gather dust and debris, and sand, which loosens grime and dirt from floors. Use them on unfinished wood, concrete, and metal flooring.