General Purpose Sledgehammer


$135.75 - $151.58
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Product Specs

Handle Material: Fiberglass
Head Weight: 6 lb
Face Diameter: 2 1⁄2 in
Overall Length: 18 in; 24 in; 28 in
Head Material: Brass
Replaceable Handle: Yes
Anti-Vibration: Yes
Beveled: Yes
Dead Blow Head: No
Double Face: Yes
Face Material: Brass
Features: Brass Head Suitable for Use in Non Sparking Environment
Finish/Coating: Lacquered
Grip Type: Slip-Resistant
Handle Color: Yellow
Handle Length: 18 in; 28 in; 24 in
Head Filling: Solid
Head Length: 5 in
Heat-Treated: Yes
Non-Magnetic: Yes
Non-Sparking: Yes
Overall Weight: 6 1⁄2 lb
Product Type: Sledge Hammer
Replaceable Face: No
Soft Face: Yes

About Sledgehammers

Pick up one of these long-handled heavy hitters for tough jobs like driving stakes or posts or breaking up concrete, stone, or brick. Available in a range of weights and handle lengths, sledgehammers should be gripped with both hands. Grip the hammer close to the head for better control and lighter blows, or grip the end of the handle and swing the sledgehammer like an axe for more powerful blows. Sledgehammers have a broad face that spreads out the force of the blow to help prevent unintentional damage to the workpiece.

Keep a few of these sledgehammers handy for a wide range of hard-hitting tasks.